Sunday, October 9, 2011

NOOK cover...

The second cover was too large, and that sort of bugged me for awhile, so yesterday when I spotted the sale at Joann's for 30% off the double sided fabric, I got some in the chartreuse and made the third one. The third time is the charm , as they say. After looking at the Vera Bradley eBook cases, which are $32, I wanted to make this one with the wrap around zipper and make it to fit as snugly as possible without being too tight or too roomy.
Adding a strip of fabric as a sort of "spine" took care of the little bit of room I needed. This is the case that gets to stay! Case #1 holds my chargers, case #2 is awaiting a re-purposing and case #3 happily holds my NOOK!
I whipped up a cover for my NOOK. It's a bit too small, so I whipped up another one. The first will now house my NOOK and mobile phone chargers and cordage. Since I learned to insert a zipper in a bag of any sort, I have just loved to do that, so look out all devices I own....wonder how large the frig cover would have to be...hmm...HUMOR. As long as my hot pink double-sided fabric holds out perhaps my Christmas gift list will be shortened. Who knows. I have also blogged the NOOK specifically on EphemeralWisps.