Monday, October 10, 2016

Vintage Ironing Board Tribute...

This is my trusty vintage combo board and iron.  I have another trusty iron, much newer, but also a Sunbeam.  The Sunbeam pictured is a Made in USA model that still works just fine. I had never read the booklet of course, so when it didn't seem to steam correctly I bought another bottom line Sunbeam. THEN I read the booklet. Seems you can clean the steam holes by pushing the little steam setting lever or dial back and forth and guess what?! IT WORKS!!! So....I did that on my old iron and it works too. Then newer Sunbeam is not Made in USA, but works just fine. I love it - it's all white.   I decided to blog my board and irons because of the hype about expensive irons and boards. ALL boards seem too expensive now days. I have to admit I bought my sturdy metal legged, four legged board back in the era of about 1970. This board is a keeper - not wibbly and doesn't have any problems except a squeak that is my fault. I could clean it and oil it one of these days and get rid of that squeak I suppose.   The cover is one of the ones from Joann Fabrics with the measuring tape theme and it really works so well.  Handy for straightening up lines in ironing and in pinning together both garment pieces and quilt blocks. Helps in grain line placement as well. The legs of this board are nice thick metal and there are four of them.  I was inspired to blog about the board, boring as it may be, by a friend who also has a vintage board and who recently posted pics of her refurb of said board. You just cannot get this quality any more without spending a fabulous sum. It never occurred to me to take pictures of my ironing board before. You just never know. HAHA.  You can see in the last picture that I have left on an older cover I bought several years ago with its pad, and added the tape measure cover on over it for the depth of padding. Here is a link to my friend's review on for her lovely new cover! She links to her picture tutorial on her own site, which is a lovely set of pictures and a really wonderful tutorial!

My blog is hardly that inspirational, but I do think our vintage equipment that still serves and does it well deserves to be highlighted a bit now and then! I will keep my board the Harvest Gold color it came with, as it is so indicative of the age of it's inception.

Don't we vintage ladies have Harvest Gold Tupperware as well? I know I do. As to quilting - I will get back to my Blue Quilt very soon and post a few pictures of the finished quilt top. I do need to purchase the backing and batting. I will, of course, be using Warm and Natural as usual and for this quilt flannel is the backing fabric I choose.I think flannel makes the best quilt backing there is. Warm and comfy and really good for winter as well.