Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fun Festival Time 2014...

This year's Vermont Quilt Festival was really lovely. In this bunch of pictures are just a few quilt pictures I wanted to share. No real detail, so that the good folks who made these will I hope know I loved their work, and I hope it can inspire others to quilt!

Nothing like a friend to enjoy the show with, and so this year was fine because two friends were able to make it. We did miss some regulars who could not make it this time.
 The colors and the designs were a feast for the eyes!
 Nifty idea - a pieced back with the scraps from the top! Lovely quilt with a lovely back! Thanks for showing it!
 Some design in the zigzag pattern of the displays added to my enjoyment....I love the zigzag black display sheets....with colorful quilts hanging from them. Like passing through a hall of fantastic tapestries on an adventure for a day or two.
 This quilt was my favorite out of all the quilts. Love the design, and the layout of the colors and just the whole thing. Perfectly lovely and very very Oriental in design aspect - clean and linear.
 Longshot of the hall, with people and booth showing - gives you an idea of the scale of the thing.
 A very cheery busy piece this one. :) Loved it!
 ZigZaging around the designs in and out of the corners and colors!
 Another favorite! Zingy sea blue and right next to triangles of a more sedate design....lovely juxtapositioning of the deigns and colors in this show.
One detail of the winning quilt - Best in Show - all silk and just an intricate feast of loveliness....
 Some reds!
 Plain and simple next to a juggernaut of color!
 Susan Cleveland is an excellent instructor and just so much fun to take a class from! A great time was had by all in the Trio class. Here is a detail section from her exhibited quilt in the instructors row. Her work is as vibrant and colorful as she is bouncy and fun!
Cough....last but not least....my haul from the vendor booths. Somehow it all ended up sort of going together! And the good news is I refrained from purchasing a new machine! And that is not easy folks! they all looked so tempting!