Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Scrappy ZigZag Quilt Finished...

The ZigZag quilt is done. I finished it before the end of 2013, as planned and gave it to my son. I wanted to be sure and finish it in 2013. This was based on Pepper Cory's Craftsy class on strip scrappy quilting with paper piecing. I took off the paper after the blocks were done though, not after sewing the entire top. That worked well. If I did this again, I wouldn't use paper. It really helped to have the 12" ruler with the seam allowances on it as well to square up each block when finished. I used that ruler to cut the paper pieces from tracing paper rather than use an old phone book. I wanted clean new paper on my scraps. Of course you could arrange the blocks differently and make nice diamond shapes, but I did not. I wonder if I should have? Planning the next project which will be an Asian fabric quilt for my daughter. In addition, I want to do another table runner, and maybe a bed runner. That's a couple of interesting projects, and both the runners to be scrappy.

In other quilting news, the Vermont Quilt Festival brochure is online now and it looks like another interesting year, except that I cannot find one single class so far that I find interesting enough to pay to take. That could change as I look at the brochure over the next few weeks.