Sunday, March 26, 2017

Superior University Fun Again...

Having the time for fun is great!  I revved up my Superior University subscription again, and finally got around to the little hedgehog pincushion. I picked the wrong fabric. I picked a soft flannel, so the deco stitching being a wide stitch was a teenie bit distorted by the fabric stretching as it sewing. Next time stabilizer or a firm fabric. BUT, this was not only a fun piece, but a chance to use the Brother SE400's cache of sewing stitches! On a firmer fabric they are perfect.  My hand sewing skills are not the best at any time, so his little eyes, nose and ears could be much more professional looking, but he is cute anyway! Here you see him sitting on one of my practice pieces for free motion quilting.   

Meanwhile sitting around last night reading the Brother SE400 manual I found out that it stops sewing when the bobbin is too low! How cool is that? Another great feature of it's sewing. You really do have to read manuals on these computerized machines from Brother because they do so many things - you can either just use as all the defaults already there or you can change a great many settings in the machines memory for every use and then cancel them out again later on. Many settings abide after the machine is turned off until you decide to reset and save them again.   This sort of thing is usually found only on the more expensive machines in other brands.