Sunday, April 24, 2016

Blue Quilt Design and Start...

I designed this quilt from an inspiration picture  I saw on the web of a quilt in a show some time ago. I drew up a plan, and mine is somewhat different than that show quilt in design, but the plan to keep almost all blue large triangle pieces stayed with me. I have my pieces cut now (only took me a couple months to get this plan ready and cut the pieces - I am slow) and have sewn up two blocks just like you see in the picture.  I have arranged the pieces so I begin with the darkest dark sewn to the darkest light, so that I don't end up with blocks of the same hue - if I get to the mid-range, I can change the arrangement for better value. Then I will see if my original plan is the one I go with when I come down to arranging the quilt blocks in their final statement. :)  I had already lots of blue Asian fabrics in my stash, and I just love working with them. I had a pack of blue fat quarters of batiks so there is also batik in this. Not usually a fan, but these prints were so nice. I have accumulated Asian fabrics over the last few years as they are all I intend to use in future. You never know though, with so many lovely fabrics out there, I could mix it up a bit next time!  This quilt should go faster, as there aren't a lot of seams and it is relatively simple. I must chose backing and binding fabric as well.

After searching a lot, I did find the creator of this pattern. It seems it is no longer available, but the designer was Stephanie Sims for Clothworks. The name of the pattern is Sapphire, and it was available free. The fabrics were from the Sapphire Collection by Skipping Stones Studio. Finished size was 61x61 inches. Mine will be about 64x80".