Sunday, January 25, 2009

Shirt/Blouse is finished...

Well, well. I finished the shirt tonight! So I thought I would blog it because if I wait, I won't get to it for days and days! Review is up on PR as well. I got out the button-sew-on-foot and had more fun making the five buttonholes on this shirt. On the last button something caught and I had more fun getting the needle out of the fabric and the fabric off the machine! With gentle coaxing, it all finally came out well. A new needle and all is well. I am happy with the fit of this garment, and will make one more in the next month or so. Not being a fast sewer it will take me awhile to get that done, but there is no rush, and I will sew the pants from this same pattern sheet next. They are lying here all cut out and waiting! A few people have pointed out that I didn't include the pattern number itself. They are so right! It is Supplement #250, 2003, pattern 2!

Kreativ Blogger...

Sherril Miller has so kindly nominated my sewing blog for this award! TOTALLY surprised. I will try to blog more often now! There are a few things to do when you are nominated for this award, and I am copying the directions directly from Sherril's website, being unable to improve on her wording. So - Here are the rules of the award~

1. Copy the award to your site - 2. Link to the person from whom you received the award - 3. Nominate 7 other bloggers - 4. Link to those on your blog - 5. Leave a message on the blogs you nominated. In no particular order I present this award to:

The Rusty Bobbin Excellent tutorials, lots of information. Vintage machine info.
Mary is SewFast Mary's most creative sewing!
Donna's Den Donna quilts like a pro...oh - she is a pro...and has a lot of vintage machine savvy...
hemmin' and hummin' Quilting, sewing and cross stitch! Cathy has fun and does a lot of different projects.
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tiny happy Tiny happy is a blog with lovely creations, not just sewing, but lots of inspiring scenery and interesting observations. Lovely children's items here.
Mary Sews Interesting blog about more than sewing...
I am taking the liberty of nominating an 8th lady here. I don't see this award on Debbie's site, and oh BOY does she deserve this! So here goes:
Stitches and SeamsDebbie has more information and help here than I can talk about.

All the blogs I have seen have helped tremendously. Even if I won't ever do some of the things these creative people are doing, I just love the energy out there to create and I love the knowledge that these arts are passing on to a younger generation as well.

Princess shirt/blouse...

I've been working slowly on the fitting and sewing of the Lutterloh blouse/shirt from August 2003, #250 with a different fabric than I planned on for the first version. The princess lines are new to me. These particular princess lines are not over the bust on the pattern, but more like side panels. Being short as well as smaller through the shoulders than the rest of my ample frame, I used my template from the Making a Bodice Muslin class on PR to fit the shoulders and armhole area. Then when I sewed the two panels together on the front I just cut off the "tails" that stuck up from the princess seams.I am sure this is not the approved way to do it, but worked. On the back princess seaming it was a better armhole line, so didn't seem to need that. The blouse is a good fit. More fitted than I usually wear for sure, and my son says it is flattering. That's good to hear. I am getting use to the fact that Lutterloh isn't going to have the ease of our big 4 patterns, I think the euro-style in general is more fitted. So next time I may make this a bit larger on the side seams. BUT, the fit is the best yet on any shirt I have made. I am going to make another. I am not done with this one yet though. I did the buttonholes with my sensor foot on the Viking 770. That worked well after I again reviewed the user manual and the video that came with the machine - funny how a year later you need to re-review the instructions! Now to drag out my button sew on foot and do the buttons. Then for the final picture. I am sorry the print on this fabric seems to just obliterate the lines of the shirt! Perhaps I will make a solid color one, or one with a less bright and busy pattern next time.