Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lutterloh Vest and Pants...

The vest and pants are done, pressed and already worn! The reviews are up on PatternReview. The pants pattern will need tweaking, and in fact I have already drafted another Lutterloh pattern for pants which is a few years old. This time I want to do a few more alterations. In these first three garments I wanted to do them more or less "as was" to see how the Lutterloh system worked. They turned out rather well, so I am going to press on with more tweaking in the next couple of patterns. I have a princess blouse drafted and that other pair of pants. Meanwhile I have two cuts of lovely rayon for skirts, so I will be looking for a skirt pattern, and all of a sudden I want to make a couple of dresses, so that search is on too! I think it's been many years since I have wanted another dress. We don't wear them often here. But all of a sudden...:) Is it that Fall is here, and the sewing area is a cozy place to spend my time? I bought a new seam ripper over the last weekend, and another bunch of really nice hand sewing sharps with large eyes. Made a trip to Joann's. I go there about twice a year. They had buttons on sale! 50% off! WOW. I got a lot of various colors and textures. Ferreted them away for some garments that in the future they will adorn gracefully. A variety of colors. The new seam ripper is the indicator that I will be doing more sewing! More sewing = more ripping!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Viking Sew On Foot Fun...

I didn't extol the virtues of my Viking Button Sew On Foot in yesterday's post?! What was I thinking? To save me time and energy, I will point you to the best place to learn all about that foot! I agree wholeheartedly with Debbie Cook about this foot, and she has done such a tremendous job of blogging it. I never before sewed buttons on with the machine because I never thought it would be better than by hand or would save any time. But Sunday I just whizzed through sewing on five buttons. Great foot - worth every penny!
In other developments, I have finished the Lutterloh vest. It needs a good pressing, and tonight I'll do that. It will just be a cute little accessory over beige, cream and white, or a very mellow pink turtleneck. I think might also add three buttons and of course buttonholes. The vest won't add much warmth. I am going to make another one in a more Vermonty warmth since winter is coming on sooner than I want to think about.