Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Viking Sew On Foot Fun...

I didn't extol the virtues of my Viking Button Sew On Foot in yesterday's post?! What was I thinking? To save me time and energy, I will point you to the best place to learn all about that foot! I agree wholeheartedly with Debbie Cook about this foot, and she has done such a tremendous job of blogging it. I never before sewed buttons on with the machine because I never thought it would be better than by hand or would save any time. But Sunday I just whizzed through sewing on five buttons. Great foot - worth every penny!
In other developments, I have finished the Lutterloh vest. It needs a good pressing, and tonight I'll do that. It will just be a cute little accessory over beige, cream and white, or a very mellow pink turtleneck. I think might also add three buttons and of course buttonholes. The vest won't add much warmth. I am going to make another one in a more Vermonty warmth since winter is coming on sooner than I want to think about.

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