Sunday, May 10, 2020

Mimi G Masks and Finished Deaconess Batch...

Did several more masks...the above are the last batch and include what is now my favorite mask patterns, Mimi G's Mask. Her video is very good and her pattern fits us all! VERY nice....easily downloaded. She also gives a drawing with measurements so that if you have no printer functionality you can draw up her mask pattern!! THAT is so kind and so generous!  I am done for this week with masks and am getting caught up a bit on doll clothes planning. But I do plan to make a few more masks.  Here are photos of my next to last batches not previously shown:

All with various ties - bias tape and cotton trims that will be sturdy enough and even a bit of black twill tape!

Another few and then the Mimi G I did yesterday to make four of hers total:

Sunday, May 3, 2020

More Masks Making...

Two more masks made and ready to go to family.  LOVE that print - found it in my cotton quilting stash. I had bought it and never knew what to do with it.

Lady mask and guy mask. Used my stock of bias tape for the ties - have had that stuff a very long time. Good after all, to have a hoard, eh?

Two more - these for a guy.  I am making a few for home with that coffee print as well. These are being mailed out tomorrow.  Still using the Deaconess mask instructions, some variation on the number of tucks. Here is the Deaconess Health whole website of mask documents and instructions.  There are loads of other patterns out there and filter instructions and wires for the nose but I am not doing any of those.   One thing to remember is that one has to breath through the masks and not have them be an irritant. Wash after use and handle carefully in that process.  Stay safe.  Even with the rules of shelter in place being relaxed in some areas, I would err on the side of real caution and take care, wear a mask. These are not medical grade masks but they provide some modicum of safety out in the world.   Just to remind us all that there is normal sewing out there as well, here is a picture of my Belle's Dolly dress in progress on my XR9500PRW, which I have not mentioned lately! Sewed this up exceedingly well. :)

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Darning Foot on Pfaff 1222E and Happy Hearts...

 Luckily I don't have to work on this project all alone!! Lovely little helper. :)  Finally going to free motion my wall hanging.  I have chosen various colors of Kimono Silk and King Tut and even Metrosene.  Starting off with King Tut in a softly variegated gold-tan.  

Our neighborhood is putting hearts in the windows as well as other cheery things around for people on walks to see. Hoping to have happy thoughts.  Lovely day yesterday when I took these.

Here you see my Pfaff 1222E with the darning foot in place for free motion work. Good clearance. The machine enjoys a nice quiet run of free motion and has no problems with any sort of thread I put in it.

Monday, April 20, 2020

Asian Quilt Finished...

Warm sunny Spring day for pictures! Finished the Asian Quilt for my son. Embroidered a frame and used Micron Pens for the label. That was fun.  Binding is a pretty black fabric with some gold and red running through it.  The pictures do not do the fabrics justice - they are much prettier in person!

You can see the red in the binding here and part of the label. I think I will use my SE400 for quilt label frames from now on. The label is always a challenge- what kind? What fabric? What style? I think the hand written with Microns is my favorite so far.