Wednesday, January 13, 2021

First Two Tees Done of Four...


Yes, I DID sew these two fabrics up for me. This fabric is from Girl Charlee and is called Liverpool Bullet Double Knit.  Plenty fun looking I admit, but a real joy to sew on! No kidding, this was wonderful to sew. I just turned under that neckline too and it was easy. The fabric is like a much nicer, smoother medium weight double knit from the old days. Progress has been made! These were the first two in my four Tee pattern trials (the fifth is scrapped)...sort of wearable muslins I guess. I made the Tees without any alterations except the sleeve pattern. I always enlarge the sleeve. I will apply my shoulder template when I make more. First thing to do is make the other two and decide which pattern I like best.  I made the blue fabric above into a Classic Tee from Always Autumn, seen in the picture below. I like the armhole fit but the body will need to be a bit larger. The pink I made out of KWIK SEW 2619 - old white paper real one - both patterns shown here:


 Here am I in the first two tees. I did use the serger on both of them. Went so fast. Then finished on the sewing machine - hems and neckline. You could have an entire wardrobe in a couple of days with knits and a serger - that's for sure.

I think I can wear them next Summer - at least around the house. :) They feel fine on as well. Maybe I can lose ten pounds and the blue one will be OK...I see that shoulders need to be less wide but that's regular on patterns for me. My template will adjust that next time around.  I like the higher armhole on the blue.

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Green Poncho...

Here is another Poncho! This one is with fabric from Girl Charlee and is a size smaller. Size smaller because it is for my daughter. Just today she came by for a distanced visit outside and I gave it to her.   Another good job on the serger - good old Brother 1034D!!  This is a sweatshirt knit and this time I did put the fleecy side inside and the knitty side outside. My son said that was the correct way to sew it so I did that. HAHAHA.  A fun sewing project with the trusty KWIK SEW I used before and will again!!

Here is a weird fact - today Google won't let me realign the top text in this post....oh well. 

Monday, December 21, 2020

Oh Sew Kat Sunshine Dress...Sew Cute!

I realized I had cut this out in June. Good grief. Sewing this up the other day with my PS500 was a breeze. This machine doesn't try to pull fabric down inside and starts at the edge of the fabric without any issues. The ZZ foot that is standard and used for much of our sewing is, in this machine, a longer foot and seems so very much better at holding fabric than many a foot on another brand of machine. I love my Brother machines!  The fabric in this little dress was a gift from a friend, and it made a nice contrast! Next time I would make a full lining, as this is another pattern with just a bodice lining. It is a nice touch to add a full lining. :) But Britney looks very Summery in this....meanwhile it is cold outside and almost Christmas. Merry Christmas to everyone!!

Friday, December 18, 2020

Mask Redo and Flannel New...


It looks like we will be masking up pretty much into the last part of 2021. So - I had made a few masks about a month ago with a nose flap thing. I had figured it out myself from a pattern online, and really - it was not a great design. So I redid those four masks and then decided to make some of the Deaconess style, without the tucks, with MimiG elastic style. Flannel will be warmer for winter, and wearing one should help keep the cold away as well. :) So I cut out and made 6 flannel masks.   What you see here is the four I redid, in the top of the top photo as well as the photo following this paragraph, and the six flannel masks in the football, grey with diamonds and red. I am waiting for feedback on the flannel still from family.  This has been the extent of my sewing lately. Getting cold and when it is cold I like to veggie out on the couch.