Saturday, February 17, 2018

Summer Quilt In Progress...

Started on the Summer Quilt in January, and I love using the light prints I have accumulated as scraps and pieces left over from other projects.  Plus the addition of some pieces I had in my stash of cottons.  Working on such light cheery fabrics in the dead of Winter is a treat! The plan is to complete the top with 12" blocks after making "fabric" from the scraps. It is an improvisational quilt of course.  After doing the quilt from the book, 15 Minutes of Play, I could see I liked the more free style of piecing, plus then there is the wonderful class on Craftsy from Joe Cunningham.   Link is to the video on YouTube about one of his classes. Fabulous ideas and it frees you up for some creative design as well.  But, of course, my work isn't anything like the pros, but I have a lot of fun doing it.
I keep a project bin now for various projects - I have two so there can be one for a sewing project or an embroidery project as well. Real buy at Rite Aid for under $3 on sale!  I got four of them to store various things on my sewing shelves. Anyhow, I recommend a bin to keep everything together yet be open for easy access. These hold the fabric you need for the project, the project itself in process and the finished blocks without any problem.

Summer Quilt - I plan on using Mountain Mist  Cream Rose batting and either Signature cotton or So Fine #50 for quilting, though MaxiLock is another possibility.  Whatever it is the thread will be a very light pink!! Light pink blends and is just such a lovely color.  I am going to use Mountain Mist Cream Rose because of its somewhat thinner body and drapy qualities.   At this point I have several blocks already made and really want to finish this before Summer!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Little Kitty Quilt and a Fun Guide Foot...

Just finished a little kitty quilt. Used up fabric from the Amy Butler shirt I had made a few years back, plus some binding I had left over made out of a fabric from my mother's stash I took home years back.  That fabric is the binding on at least two of my larger quilts. Love it.  The back of this quilty is a red flannel left over from the Shirt Quilt of 2017, and the thread is Masterpiece pink - so pale you can hardly see it. Quilted this in curves with the AcuFeed foot on my Elna 720.  Batting is left over wool from the Shirt Quilt.

Meanwhile, I ordered this foot from Ken's in Alabama.    It is a guide foot, and I anxiously awaited it. YES, it fits my Elna 720 and I think it will be fine on my Janome 8050 as well.  It does not matter if  your machine is high or low shank when a foot is a snap on!  Oddly, the foot included a different needle assembly screw than my Elna has, and the directions for the foot say to change this out to this new one. Well, I tried the foot and it works without doing that switch, so I called Ken's and talked to a tech. He says no need to change out the screw unless your machine has one that interferes with the foot itself in use - so be sure and TEST the thing out slowly to see if the needle bar screw hits the foot in use. Mine does not. 

Brother XR9500PRW Stitch Sampler...

Sampler finished and rolled on up! The machine makes a good buttonhole, and has a few different types. I stitched out two kinds. It has great deco stitching and regular utility stitches and several quilting stitches.    And YES, I did add those Hello Kitty stickers, cough...In amongst these stitchouts there are a couple places that are user error - not the machine - me. I ran out of bobbin thread twice, and once I lost track of my stitches and repeated a row or so. HAHHAaa....I did not trim the alphabet stitch out because by then I was really amazed at how tired I was of doing this! :) It took time and a lot of thread! But I had promised myself to do it.  I did skip a couple of lines which were just mirroring of the previous stitch and that is noted on the photos.  Some of the wibbles in the stitching are caused by the very very stiff stabilizer I used in the fabric roll. It was a fusible and it tended to crinkle up from time to time as I went so I tried to smooth out my fabric as I went along.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Shirt Quilt 2017 Finished and in Use...

Here it is!  Not going outside for a picture today - much too cold at 6 above today.  Quilt is in use but this is in the guest room, and this is a double bed.
I love the casual piecing and the corners....:) Binding really pops!  The differing fabric weights and stretchability really made it impossible to have perfect seaming here.
I kept the pockets and the labels in the blocks - Loved the labels - they are a nice touch I think. :) This was a fun quilt in many ways and is already in use.  Quilts should be used.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!