Saturday, September 12, 2020

Kitty Quilt #4...Masks and Kitty Quilts with Cat...

See? They are kitty quilts. ;)  He seems to like them a lot...
Now here is the last batch of masks and the next kitty quilt ready to be quilted with deco stitching again this time. 

That's about it for an update. No more masks for awhile anyway.  The quilting on the little Quilt #4 will commence very soon. Other planning going on - planning is always fun, even when changes are made. :)

Friday, September 11, 2020

Here is my finished Student Nurse Uniform. Based on my own Junior year outfit back in the day, some differences exist. The blue checks are the right value of blue but not the plaid we had, and the collar and cuffs were separate then and we had to put the uniform together every day. :) I purchased the white tights and little white shoes, but the dress and Bib-n-Apron and cap had patterns. However, I redid almost everything about some of the patterns and combined them in this outfit. The patterns I used were all Rosie's Doll Patterns.  The dress is a reworking for front opening of the Vintage Dress. The Bib-n-Apron is the Pinafore Dress, the sleeves on the dress are from the Drop Waist Dress pattern. Cuffs were self-drafted.

If I make another one it will have a small scale plaid, and a redesigned collar - one piece collar all around. This has a two piece collar. :) I sewed little buttons on the front of the dress but it really closes with hook and loop tape. As does the bib-apron. Our bib and aprons back then were separate as well and we had to assemble that piece of our uniform too. That was very practical in terms of staying clean - the apron helped a lot. They deleted that from the uniform in the year after ours. Glad I wore the traditional uniform and had the traditional cap. :) This was a challenging and fun project.

Monday, August 31, 2020

Doll Sized Pressing Tools From Love U Bunches...

This pattern is available on ETSY. I could not resist. Such tiny pressing tools. I made them in a couple of hours a couple of days ago. I had left over flannel from boy PJs years ago and I have a stock of leftovers from battings for quilts. I made the little tools, stuffed them with batting I chopped up into bits, and firmly packed into these little cuties, and sewed up the gaps by hand.  I am so pleased with them. :)  I can see the seam presser roll as a shoulder seam presser as well for garments much larger than dolls.Working on that little student nurse uniform now. Slow going and I may make another basic dress. There is a basic dress, with starched cuffs, a cap, and a bib'n'apron combo that I have not done yet. I have put together this outfit with 4 patterns and then a cap pattern that I heavily redid because hardly any of the doll caps really look like nurse's caps and I wanted a real little nurse cap.  All four patterns for the outfit are from various Rosie's Doll Patterns that I own. Such nice patterns. I watch her videos - they are great and I follow them. She has a great voice for teaching.  When the outfit is done I will delineate the procedure and the patterns used.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Knits from Girl Charlee...

So, I ordered from Girl Charlee.  I am satisfied and more! Two pieces of cute "bullet knit" which is a spandex blend and very cute - sort of kid prints there, but I am going to use them for dolls, and maybe even get a little Summer top for myself out of each piece - we'll see. I bought four pieces of about a yard each - two have a bit more. The other two fabrics are soft cotton jersey blends with nice soft hand - lightweight fabrics. Those will make cute little tops I think and scraps for the dolls. I know I will be ordering again!  Here are close ups of the two types of fabrics I ordered. 😄