Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Koko Beall Patterns and a Cat-In-The-Way....

Here are a few of the patterns I have acquired in the last several months...I just love Koko Beall designs.  The link here goes to a lovely blog post that says more about Koko than is possible to find in a search....there ought to be more.

Aren't they nice! I love the simplicity of Koko Beall designs - simple yet elegant. Of course the models are all eight feet tall and slender, while I am most certainly not, but the styles are timeless. I already have a couple of Koko Beall patterns in the hoard, and here are they ones I already had.

I would like to make at least one pair of the pants to see how the sizing is and the fit, and a couple of the tops are very alluring. I did want a pattern that had not only the sleeve version but a sleeveless version as well as jacket and pants, so I think all bases are covered now.  I do not buy unless I see a back view as well because it is the line drawings that tell us so much about the real pattern. But the illustrations of the eras in which these patterns were released, as well as the 70s illustrations, were really my favorite style.  I sewed quite a few Very Easy Vogue back in years past.  I am going to try to get a few more of her patterns - a size near mine is good enough because they can be made larger or a bit smaller if necessary with such simple lines. 

This is why it took me awhile to pin the little Christmas lap quilt and even could be better on the one side and will be. Our cat thinks anything fleece is for her, and this was on the fleece batting.....hahahhaha.....I tried to keep her off but until she wanted to leave it was not possible. Cough.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Detour to a Christmas Lap Quilt...

And yes, I see that I must even out that pinning - the back gave me problems a bit. This is "whole cloth" and I will stipple it - not all that large but will be either a small lap quilt - literally for a lap cover on the couch, or a table cover - depending. For batting I am using a lovely piece of fleece I bought in the remnant bin at JoAnn's a few months back.  The fabrics are leftover cotton curtains from when we had a door with a nice large window. We don't anymore, and I saved all the seasonal curtains I had made and use them in quilts now - but I didn't want to cut up the piece on top....what a lovely print and already has a quilt sort of look to it. SO - this project will have a binding of another lovely Christmas print I have some of that I bought for whatever I thought about using it for! So far it has been one greeting card, so there is a lot left. It is a red with gold sprinkles and poinsettias on it.   And no, I didn't finish the quilt previously mentioned as yet. :)

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Walking Foot Quilting Once More...

All ready to quilt! Done with the ditch quilting, and that really does help stabilize a quilt. I don't always do it, as it can be completely tedious on quilts with a lot of blocks and or detail.  So, after the ditch quilting, my first idea was block by block free motion, and that did not turn out. My acuity at a specific FM design I had in mind being limited, I picked out an entire block's worth of stitches, and then I made a thread change - oh, about three times I decided on different threads. Finally settled on a thread that is not in this picture.  Using Coats and Clark 30 wt. Quilting Cotton,  Warm and Natural batting, and now doing walking foot quilting with AcuFeed on my Elna 720.  Need to get over there and do it!!  Hoping for a few smaller projects after this one.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Squares Quilt 2018 Pinned!

Quilt pinned! Success....although the evening I finished that I realized I had a fever, but soldiered on until this thing was pinned. I think it will be ditch quilted with a blendy thread and then either free motioned or free motioned with a motif for each large block - this is 30 large 16" blocks of fabrics - I have had a buildup ready to go for this quilt! :)   I did have a helper on this pinning work of course.....
The quilt has Warm and Natural batting and will be quilted with Bottom Line or Sew Fine #50 in the ditch, and then probably free motioned with C&C quilting cotton in variegated blues, or with another choice - more on that when I decide.  The backing is from Connecting Threads collection of 108" cotton backings.