Sunday, June 2, 2019

Catching Up With Table Runner and Two new tops....Bellavista from Itch To Stitch Headlines...

I did finish my Itch to Stitch Bellavista, probably the most popular top on for awhile now. It *IS a nicely drafted pattern. I made the cowl way shorter, as I am short. I love the curving panel lines of the bodice - it fits so nicely, and is made to flare like that over the lower bodice and high hips. I think I made mine longer. My one critique is that the arms had to be completely redrawn for me. Even the largest size was a tight fit. I redrafted the whole sleeve pattern and redid the armhole on the bodice as well. Now it is a fit. As far as the shoulders - it was perfect.  I think the pattern sizing is a bit small, and I used the largest and next to largest sizes to cut. However people must like a snug fit because I suppose had I used a more stretchy fabric it would have had stretchy form fitted sleeves. I did not - so had to redo the sleeves. I wouldn't have likes a snug fit anyhow. I used a somewhat stretchy, rather on the upside of a midweight woven - it had a bit of stretch and is a synthetic blend, but not really made for this pattern. However, it worked and i like it - not crazy about a raw seam on the cowl either inside there, but that seems to be what the pattern wanted me to do so I did it - another time I will use another method - like you do with a turtleneck. Don't care for raw seams.

Finished the Bellavista in April along with a top I made from a self drafted pattern this didn't turn out so well, but it is very comfy and wearable - the neckline, instead of being like the funnel top it was drawn from, turned out to be a boat neck really - very odd and it is like a boat-cowl - if that's a thing!  HAHHA...but it used up the last of my garment fabrics so that's a good thing. Picture makes it look like an unformed entity but it is very comfy. :)

Here is the way the neckline and shoulders look - the rest is a drapy loose fit.  I may have another go at designing the neckline much better or maybe I won't.

This is a catch-up post really!! I did finish that table runner I was working on in the last post or so, and here it is!  Not the most artistic of table runners, but in person it looks better and it has a use already! I love it on my long coffee table. :)

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Cranes and Pointy Kitty...

Pinned the Kaufman panel as a wall hanging today. Trying to make strides with projects I have had sitting around for a long time! I have had this panel and backing for several years - I also cut binding for the table runner and sewed eyes on my Pointy Kitty which had lost one. :)
I love crane panels. I know I have more than one in my hoard of Asian fabrics still. I don't know yet what I am going to do with the wall hanging - hang it on a wall? I just don't know. But it will come. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Tabe Runner a GO....Cutter-Ruler excellent!

Pinned and ready to quilt! Going to FM of course. Yes, the backing is a rather startling contrast - doesn't really "match", eh? But this whole project is fabrics I want to use up - stash depletion is a GO!  There are other projects percolating around in my brain as well. They are only for me so if the backing doesn't match it won't matter, plus this makes it varied and multi-use - I can use either side of any of my table runners. :)

I have a pile of projects to cut out now, and before too long I will do it - now that we are in DST the light is inspiring! Stay tuned for more excitement. ;)

The Fiskars Cutter-Ruler is excellent. It really works. After I figured out how to position it - my fault not the cutters, we were a team. I highly recommend these gizmos!