Monday, October 1, 2018

Squares Quilt 2018 Pinned!

Quilt pinned! Success....although the evening I finished that I realized I had a fever, but soldiered on until this thing was pinned. I think it will be ditch quilted with a blendy thread and then either free motioned or free motioned with a motif for each large block - this is 30 large 16" blocks of fabrics - I have had a buildup ready to go for this quilt! :)   I did have a helper on this pinning work of course.....
The quilt has Warm and Natural batting and will be quilted with Bottom Line or Sew Fine #50 in the ditch, and then probably free motioned with C&C quilting cotton in variegated blues, or with another choice - more on that when I decide.  The backing is from Connecting Threads collection of 108" cotton backings.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Machine Quilting...Easy Quilt Projects...Quilt Top Sewn...

Was lucky to find these used on Thriftbooks a couple of weeks ago.  Both of these books have some nice tips and good design inspiration in them.  Even though purchased used, the Easy Quilts from Better Homes and Gardens still had the patterns in it! It is former library and the library had attached a nice holder for the pattern sheet to the inner back cover - great library practice that I have done myself a good bit. Some really nice inspiring reading here! The Machine Quilting is really a very thin book - a "how to" and full of good ideas as well - well worth the very small price I paid for these.  I usually buy craft books used and if I decide I can use them I keep them and if not I move them on by donating them or giving them to friends. Used is so much better! Books should circulate!!   Meanwhile I did sew up my newest quilt top.  Here is a little teaser for it. :)  Needs pressing and pinning - later.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Fall Top Time...Burda 8291...

Another navy blue top this time because I had left over knit fabric from that last cowl neck top!
This time I am going to use a Burda pattern I have had for some years now. It has a basic tee with various neckline options. I chose B, which is a modified cowl, not too full. This will go quickly once I cut it out. I really like Burda for pants, but for myself this will be the first Burda top! I have made my daughter a blouse and a dress from Burda, and they turned out satisfactorily.  The patterns are drafted perfectly!  If this pattern turns out well, I can use it for so many different styles.  Plus it is an all season pattern. Short sleeves could be done as well as the long ones, and of course three quarter sleeves too.  Since my TNT pants pattern is a simple Burda, this would round out that wardrobe collection of patterns nicely!

Monday, September 10, 2018

Another Quilt in progress and Fall on the way...

Planning the next quilt...fabrics are those above.  I have cut 16" blocks and planned the layout and sewn the rows. Now to sew together the rows, and then to back and bat!  The batting will be Warm and Natural and the backing will be from Connecting Threads - another nice backing from that source!!    As Summer wanes, blogging and sewing come more to mind than doing the Summer when the air is light and the days are more conducive to a lazier pace!   In the end, I did not use the fabric on the right end. It didn't seem needed and was not really blending with the rest of my fabrics. :)