Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Tiny Dress for Tiny Doll...Memories...

My little 1950s Betsy McCalls was still in the same little underthing for years now. I finally made that little dress for her. It is from McCalls 2300, which was also a 1950s original pattern for her. I used to cut out all the Betsy McCalls paperdolls from the magazine back then as a small child.  She was so much like my friends and me in her clothing for school and play. :) This little doll belonged to a friend many years ago. I won't make any more of these tiny clothes because it was a most difficult task for the old fingers, but she does look pretty good now. And she has her own tiny doll stand. :)  The background is a panel Canada Rockies that I recently purchased.  Panels make great backdrops, and I need to get them out more often for doll pictures.  Her waist has a velvet ribbon around it and there is a bit of lace around the hem. The skirt is not as full as the pattern would have had me make, but I wanted to simply have her in a fifties simple little dress. :) Lined bodice without sleeves. I used Velcro peel and stick for Fabrics for a closure, as I know that product works well. :)


Sunday, August 21, 2022

Dolly Dress Form Gets a Dress...and tiny cap...

 Yes, a little dress. This one looked so easy, but in the doing I discovered it had lining issues but I managed to flatten those! I had that small remnant of pretty floral fabric left over from various things and I had the eyelet. I added the eyelet - the pattern itself is for a very basic non-embellished dress. Then I thought the knob at the top of the form needed a nice little cap to match. That was a circle of fabric with a tiny hem I did and then elastic around the edge. HAHHAA....could be better. I will try this dress on one of the dolls when I get around to it as well. It could be a cute little Summer dress. 

Two Easy Summer Dresses from Vintage Butterick...

LOVE this pattern. I have pictured it and mentioned it before here, so not much more to say. I have not made the sleeved top, and I think that is worth a try too. Haven't made the pants either. One of these days when I need and want to do the pants and top I will give it a go. Meanwhile I made two more dress-jumpers out of two pieces of fabric of which I had 3 yards each. I had thought maybe quilt backings, but really never clicked with them on projects. SO - dresses/nightwear they are now. Around the house. I don't think I will be wearing them out. :) But oh goodness, they are so comfortable. I have made this pattern now about 6 times and for some reason these two are larger on top and I could have cut them quite a bit smaller but for around the house I am OK with this outcome. :) The Black with Dragons is a Riley Blake fabric and the other is unknown and I think a cotton blended with rayon perhaps. It irons nicely and doesn't seem to iron differently than cotton but it is so soft. Washes nicely as well.

I can wear these 3 seasons. With or without tees underneath. If I am desperately warm I don't need a tee, but for the most part I will wear one under. BUT, I think I need a few solid colored, image-free tees now in neutral colors like black and white and cream. Maybe with longer sleeves. :)

Sunday, July 31, 2022

Machine Covers from Yellowfarmhouse..


Lovely work in these covers...I need to have the pictures in one place for my review on Patternreview !  I purchased these all at Yellowfarmhouse on Etsy. Very fast mailing and came in great shape! Excellent small business by a lady who lives in Iowa. She is an excellent seamstress! First the above cover is on my Elna 720. 

Then the cover for my Brother PS500 has a lovely Dresden plate embellishment!


And I cannot resist this one of the Elna...

Here is the cover for my Pfaff and Oh I love this one!!

Being inspired by the Pfaff cover I made my serger cover myself! Not as well done I think but I like it! :)