Friday, August 16, 2019

Flutter Sleeve Dress That Became Cap Sleeved...

Yes, this is Kelsey, and she is a Journey Girl. Thus, she is slimmer than an American Girl Doll or my Kindred Hearts or my My Life dolls. This outfit is all too large but she needed a new outfit because she came in huge work boots and a flannel shirt plus a crazy little hat and skirt.  Nope.  So I already had this cut out - it is from HappyBankkyCraftyMommy.   I used two fat quarters which really were not the full measure of fabric that they should have been! That seems more common these days in fat quarters!  Anyway, first I ruined the sleeves by not cutting them properly, and then I realized I didn't have enough fabric to recut them. As well, I hadn't enough to cut the skirt on the fold. So I sewed up the front seam in the skirt and added a rick-rack touch. Then I hemmed what is actually the band of the sleeves and added them (with some gathering) to the garment after already finishing the lined bodice! this should fit my other dolls perfectly. It is large on Kelsey.  She is wearing Sophia's brand little pink glitter shoes. SO cute! Also too large.   I think I will need to learn to make JG shoes because there aren't any on the market as far as I can tell.  She is wearing Brittany's brand pink glasses from AMAZON as well.

Rosie's Summer Nightie and My Life As Hearing Aids

Finished this project!  It is the Summer Nightie from Rosie's Doll Clothes Patterns.  Bought the little slippers to go with the dolly nighties. LOVE the bunny slippers!!   The little nightie was easy, but the straps are the bit that takes some concentration. One of them is a bit crooked but not too much. :) Her glasses are starry and cute.    So my DDIL asked if there were hearing aids for dolls and YES, there are.   I bought some for this doll, who is now Pilar, and here they are on! She is a My Life Doll and it is the WALMART My Life brand that has the hearing aids. :) 

These fit perfectly and the glasses still work! Very nice going on the part of this brand!

Friday, July 19, 2019

A New Girl, and Some Summery Clothes...

Here are the gals in their Rosie's Doll Patterns tops and sarong. The pants are from another pattern, although quite like the Rosie's shorts.  I do not care for the look of the halter top on a soft body doll, but on the My Life Dolls , which have vinyl upper torsos, the halter and crop tops look good! :)  The first halter top took me three hours. I made silly errors like sewing right side to wrong, which even after 50+ years of sewing I still do occasionally. However the second halter top took under half an hour. So easy really.

I have about 8 outfits cut out to sew for them now, and they just got a new addition to the group. This is the My Life as Soccer Captain Hispanic dolly with her new glasses I purchased from Brittany's Doll accessories on AMAZON. LOVE the glasses!!  She does need to get out of those soccer clothes and into something summery though.

She is really cute. Love the hairdo. :)  She was a really good price on the AMAZON Warehouse. Usually things there have damaged original packaging but are in fine shape. She is the second doll I have bought there and it has worked out so very well! I have named my soccer girl Pilar, and she and her gals will be dressing in some rather more fancy outfits in the near future. :) 

Sunday, July 7, 2019

2019 Vermont Quilt Festival

This year's show was perhaps the best I have attended. In terms of how it was organized and how it felt to take a class and shop, it was outstanding. The expo has two main buildings, and this year one was housing all the quilts - the quilts in the show as well as the exhibits of teacher quilts and the New York curated show of antique quilts. All is all a tremendous job is done by the organizers of the show.   The vendors were all in the other building, and this made for room to shop and room to sit. There were more benches and chairs this year, and that was much appreciated.  The food vendors were all top notch and I enjoyed two taco salads - one on the day we had a class and one the next day.  My good friend and I had a ball shopping, and even though we bought no big ticket items we each came home with something we couldn't get here locally. 

I featured this quilt up top, and this is the detail and the attribution. This was a lovely quilt - you just cannot imagine all the stitching that went into this lovely work of art. The pictures do not do it justice of course, as is usually the case with fabric art. 

The curated show of the New York Historical quilts was wonderful. Some really lovely work went into these quilts and some were amazingly colorful! The picture below is of my very favorite in this collection.

This is an absolutely beautiful quilt. Very old, and those colors still pop out at you like crazy!! I was stupefied for moments looking at it and just had to photograph it and its card.

1890, and still vibrant colors....just lovely.  Usually I am not a fan of orange, but in this quilt I love it!

Ladies enjoying these lovely detailed quilts - more from the New York Treasures collection!

We took RaNae Merrill's class called Free Motion Mastery in a Month.  It was a lot of fun. We did the half day, and I think it was a good class for beginners or for more experienced folks like my friend and I - we aren't experts but we have been around the quilting block awhile now and we have done several classes. RaNae is a born teacher, and her approach was so kind and so supportive. No negative remarks at all - just a "keep trying" approach if things weren't going well, and a "great work" approach if they were!! Very nice lady!  We had to shlep our own machines to this one, and it was one of the classes held at Vermont Technical College in Williston, just down the road from the Expo itself, which is in the Champlain Valley Exposition in Essex Junction.   Note the detailed variegated quilting in the quilt by RaNae above!  This was hanging in the Teacher's Quilts exhibit.

I took my trusty little Janome 8050, which while not actually a small machine compared to the Janome Jem, is smaller than some machines people managed to haul in there. HAHAHA.

Here is the Janome in her EverythingMary tote that was purchased just for this event! I will store the Janome in there though - it is handy.

And yes, there was one doll there at a booth with her "gramma." Belonging to the vendors daughter - she is traveling with the vendor to shows this year!  I bought the Indygo Junction pattern in the background...and couldn't resist this picture! 

And as a finale, my haul. Amazing how cute little coordinated fat quarters can be - planning on several doll outfits with these. And who could resist a 6"x8" Olfa mat and smaller cutter? Not me for sure. As to those Alpaca socks, I bought them at the EmptyPockets Alpaca Farm booth!  They feel like silk. I bought them because I wore my sandals and had begun to get a blister. I wanted socks, and outside of bulky wool, the wool and yarn vendors only had these, and oh how wonderful they are! I put fashion aside and popped them on and the blister had no chance.   Another year gone by - looking forward to the 2020 show already and hope many of you will be there too!