Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Summer Quilt Free Motion...

First, the one part of the finished top for the Summer Quilt....the top is done, and pretty scrappy looking!  Maybe too free form, but it's going to be happy!

Been trying out samples of FMQ to get back in the swing.  Then I started the quilting on my Summer Quilt. I remember why I started loving walking foot quilting!!!  FM on my Summer Quilt looks kinda like at times I lost the feel.   The samplers are always very much easier than dragging a large quilt through the machine! BUT the machine part is perfect with the Pfaff. It's the person in the chair that has the issues! HAHAHA.  But this is a quilt for me. It will live on the couch and be a light cover for the warmer weather as well as the in-between weather.

No movement on that navy blue knit top! I really need to get that sewn. Since I cleaned and oiled the serger I am ready to go on that but the Spring cold, damp, gray weather has been relentless and has taken a toll on the spirits at times...

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Pfaff 1222E Home From Spa Day...

The tech who serviced my Pfaff for years told me that he wouldn't work on old machines any more.  I was heartbroken because my Pfaff needed a good servicing and I was afraid it had something broken as well. SO - it sat for a couple of months and then I found out about another tech.  A fellow who does sewing servicing and repair from his home. I called, he serviced my Pfaff and it is home and well and running so nicely. Nothing was broken - it was just in need of a good servicing. I am so glad because this is my free motion machine. It does the best free motion anywhere anytime. And I have other machines that do free motion, but not without issues. The Pfaff doesn't care what thread you use - it just sews.
My Pfaff 1222E is also loved by my quilting helper and all around good company, my kitty Pearl.  So now to begin quilting the Summer Quilt - the top is done and I need to pin it.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Snowy Day and Summer Quilt...

Another improv scrappy quilt on the way....sewing rows of blacks together now. Another two rows, then sewing the rows together, then laying out for quilting and pinning. Problem is that my Pfaff is going into the shop and that is what I want to be quilting this on. Preferably free motion quilting.   I did purchase some Wonderfil company prewound bobbins. Lovely pink and the thread is called DecoBob.  60 weight. Lovely stuff.  In Class 15 that fits my machines.

I mean to use these pink bobbins in the quilting with my pink thread - maybe quilting it with MaxiLock or Signature but have not decided yet.

Meanwhile we got snow! March still means Winter here. Spring has to come later though, so that is the good news!

Friday, March 2, 2018

Quilt backing...Raglan Top and Doll Clothes...

Just a cheery picture of the backing for my Summer Quilt. I figure any mistakes on the back stitching will be well hidden by the busy touch here in this fabric! :)  Plus it is very Summery!  There is a Nor'Easter going on out there this minute, and I would rather think about Spring coming soon. 

Meanwhile I cut out the knit raglan top I have talked about for a long time. Breezy Raglan.  From It's Always Autumn. LOVE her patterns! 

And then I measured Connie, my doll, for new clothing. I want to compare the measurements of the doll to the pattern pieces to ensure enough room to get then on her. She is a vintage composite - soft body doll and not easy to dress.  In addition, I am readying kitchen towels for embroidery - it turns out I love redwork patterns and vintage looks like we did by hand on towels all those decades ago. Towels seem to be my fav - kitchen towels. :) My SE400 is turning out to be so much fun!  Brother makes it easy for anyone to afford a machine plus to start some embroidery as well.