Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Shirt Quilt 2017 Finished and in Use...

Here it is!  Not going outside for a picture today - much too cold at 6 above today.  Quilt is in use but this is in the guest room, and this is a double bed.
I love the casual piecing and the corners....:) Binding really pops!  The differing fabric weights and stretchability really made it impossible to have perfect seaming here.
I kept the pockets and the labels in the blocks - Loved the labels - they are a nice touch I think. :) This was a fun quilt in many ways and is already in use.  Quilts should be used.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Shirt Quilt Done...Helper Notwithstanding...

I had help, but despite that - the quilt was finished up on New Year's Eve at about 9PM.  A picture of the quilt will follow when we feel we can go outside - right now it is MINUS 4 F out there, and just a bit sunny.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Shirt Quilt 2017 almost done, and HAPPY NEW YEAR....

I Finished Quilting the quilt, and have made the binding, so now it's countdown until midnight tonight - my self-imposed deadline for this quilt. It is a 2017 quilt! :)  I used a large curve all over pattern. At one point I repinned the last third of the quilt to start from the other direction as the fabric slid just a bit as I went....that was a good move. The last third quilted beautifully as well, and this will be a warm addition to my son's bed. It has been so cold here this month that this is going to be needed in the coming months I am sure.   I just rimmed off the edges and am about to bind the quilt.

Meanwhile I have done more stitches on the sampler on the XR9500PRW. That will be followed up next year! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Brother XR9500PRW Saga Continues and Sampler...

This machine stitches really nicely - few noises here and there, but overall, quieter than I first thought, and my sampler is coming along. I used two layers of a light cotton, with stabilizer ironed in. Perhaps a bit too stable but it is working well. It will be all trimmed, and then the edges serged and that sampler rolled up or folded.  Both sides are very nicely stitched. I have used two types of bobbin thread as well. First bobbin was poly sewing thread of normal weight, and the one in there now is a Class 15 Superior Threads So Fine #60, rather a fine thread in poly.  No problems at all - using the Metrosene on top.
Meanwhile, I added BONLUX lighting to the harp. such a small harp! I now know to angle the strip and it doesn't fall off as easily. ANother view of the machine sampling stitches!