Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lutterloh pants 2003-#250-01...

Are done! Due to the abundant sunshine today, which I am not abjecting to, the photos don't show the lines of these pants too much, but you can see they are basic black pants, straight with some ease in the leg. They are comfy because they are a rayon-poly blend as far as I can tell. I have had this fabric in my stash since 1997 when I took it home from my Mom's stash after she passed away.I have waited for a good pattern to sew it up. The back view is what made me happy. These fit better than the last few pair of pants I made, and I may be looking at my TNT pants pattern. A bit more ease in the hips and I am good to go with this one. I might try a bit more width in the leg next time as well. I whipped these up yesterday, after having them cut out a couple weeks. I am pretty happy that this time I got the length right. I tend to make the hems too short, probably a carry-over from a past era, since I have lived in a few of those. I don't like walking on my pants. See this pattern and more on the Lutterloh site. This one is from 2003, supplement #250, pattern 1. The shirt I just made was pattern 2. My future Lutterloh plans include tees for summer, and finding a skirt pattern I like. I have some fabric for both those purposes in my small stash.

I think the next thing I am going to sew will be Southwestern themed placemats, and those don't need fitting! A nice break!


Toni said...

Your pants came out really nice!

I made a nightgown last night from a Lutterloh shirt pattern.

I bought some light weight denim to make pants... but haven't picked out the Lutterloh pattern yet.

Do your pants have an elastic waist?

Thanks for your inspiration!

catspec said...

Toni, ALL my pants have an elastic waist!, really...they do.

Toni said...

I'm with you!!!! Pants with elastic waists are easy to make... and soooo comfortable!