Sunday, July 11, 2010

Brother 1034D cleaning and threading...

The Brother 1034D serger is an inexpensive but tough serger. At the price point it sells for, you cannot go wrong. I bought mine in 2005, and it is working just fine. One of these days I will take it for professional cleaning, but so far I have kept it running well with the occasional oiling and frequent cleaning. For cleaning I use some cheap artists brushes I bought - I think they are just the right size - nice and thick, and I also have a nice makeup brush I use. I thought I would post a picture of the mini-vac attachments and the brushes in case that is a help to anyone. I got my mini-vac at Nancy's Notions online.


Cindy M, Designer/Seamstress said...

Thanks so much for your very clear instructions.
I also have a Brother 1034D serger (my second one). I did not take proper care of the first one. With my new one, though, I do the same as you do: I use artists brushes to thoroughly remove all of the lint that accumulates so quickly. I have also been using my vacuum cleaner about every week but as yet do not have the micro vac attachment.
Happy sewing :)

catspec said...

Thanks for the comment Cindy! I did get my serger serviced in 2011, and it is in great shape - impressed the sewing tech I took it to with it's toughness, as previously he hadn't thought much of the Brother online machines. That made me pretty happy. It's a real tough workhorse of a serger, but I do try to treat it really nicely. :)