Monday, February 7, 2011

More on the 8050...

Last post I said that it had the same stitches as the 115110/19110. However, that's not the case. I began to compare the stitch patterns and just gave up - there are some the same and rather more than a few that are not the same. After making a detailed comparison, there are 15 stitches on the 8050 that aren't on the 115110 or it's fellow machines. So that is a cumulative Janome stitch count at my house of 65 available stitches! :) One example is one has the heart satin stitch and one doesn't and one has different blanket type stitches than the other, and the 8050 has a meandering stitch and the 115110 doesn't. Now the stitch patterns on the 115110/19110 is the same as the Janomes: 2008,2010 and 2011. So my two machines complement each other well. I sewed on a pair of fleece slippers this past weekend, and the 8050 toughed her way right through. I am used to the Start/Stop button now and LOVE it. :) Oddly, the shank for the 19110/115110 doesn't align the feet properly on the 8050, although they both use the same feet - the newer synthetic shank is a differently machined shank. So I contacted SVC and they are sending me one that is supposed to fit and align the feet properly. Not that I NEED another shank, but I thought it would be good as a spare part - you just never know! I will report back on the fit. Since I have the pictures here, you can see that the display areas are not the same, and the buttons to use the display differ as well. Both machines are nice, and I think I would love to have one of just about every model if that were possible! :)

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