Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Free Motion Quilting (2)...the machine...

Bedeviled with conflicts over how to position the tables in here for optimum FMQ functionality, I decided to arrange the old Pfaff on the Arrow 601 (also known as the Gidget I now). So here is the first deployment. Then while lurking in and around Leah Day's Free motion Quilting Project, I saw her Janome Horizon in its own Gidget II table with a Sew Steady table as it's insert/extension table! A wonderful idea, and one I decided to borrow. I ordered up a custom table from Nancy's Notions, but I ordered the small table because the Gidget I hasn't that huge hole in it, and I did place my Pfaff in the well of the table, found I needed to add some height to add the Pfaff's own little extension table while I await the arrival of my Sew Steady, and there it is - ready to go. For height I took one of my Janome Muffling Mats and cut off about three inches and put it under the Pfaff on the platform in the table. I can still get the bobbin in and out although it isn't the very best task that way. I am never going to have a vast landscape of space upon which to do my quilting, but this is workable, and I kind of like the smaller scale anyway. I am even considering snipping apart my quilt top and rearranging the squares resulting and making it another look altogether. Quilted in pieces it could turn out interesting. I don't say pretty, I say interesting. But, rather than that rather quirky idea, I think I'll just cut it to about twin size of full size and quilt it. Get that thing over with. Update will follow when the Sew Steady table comes. I am excited.

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