Saturday, February 25, 2012

Online Quilt Magazine...

It's rare for me to post about a website in a short link-it-up sort of way, but just yesterday I say a reference to this Online Quilt Magazine,  on the Leah Day site, and I signed up right away. I am very impressed with this little webzine. As an admirer of the quilting people, I want to give it a recommendation here. The current issue has an article by Leah Day, as well as other interesting articles, and I got the current issue very shortly after my online signup. Did I mention this is a free publication and all they ask for is your first name and email address. Take a look!

By the way, the little graphic here on this post is part of a tea cozy I made before really taking up free motion quilting. It is made with the leftovers from the large quilt I hope to finish this year - the one quilt which will be my only large quilt as far as I can forecast, as I am interested in smaller projects. 

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