Saturday, December 22, 2012

Pfaff Sews For Fun...Spa Was Wonderful...

In case you thought I had forgotten my Pfaff, no. I made a few small double-sided quilted fabric remnant cases of various sorts again this past week. One is a Bible cover for a very small Bible and one is a cosmetic case now. It was previously a too large small Bible cover! The fabric was a nice remnant at Joann's, and how I love those double-sided remnants. Once my daughter showed me how to sew zippers in for these cases, I really found I like to make them. With the variable needle positions the Pfaff is best for this as it will sew on the zipper with out me changing to the zipper foot - it has a nice more narrow feed and with IDT it is a cinch it will hold the line well. The Pfaff just got home a few weeks ago from an infrequent visit to the sewing tech for a nice spa treatment and adjustment. There were no issues, but after quilting a largish quilt I wanted her to be in tip top shape. It was a lot of work, and very probably a drain on one of her mature years. I know it was for me being also one of mature years. Making these small cases is a nice change from working on the two larger quilting projects. But they are soon going to be in the quilting stage as well.

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