Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ottobre tee time again!

Thinking about using up the left over fabric from my last tee, and remembering that I had bought a remnant of the same stuff on a recent visit to the fabric store, I thought about making the little guys jammies. but looking at the yardage I found there wasn't nearly enough. But, there was enough to make another tee! This time around with Ottobre Woman 2-2007 pattern 2 I raised the neckline over an inch and a half. I really like a higher neckline than I had been making. I cut the fabric yesterday and began to sew right away. Finished the complete garment today, hem, sleeve hems, and neckline. I used self-bias binding, and that really made a nice neckline. I have used this pattern so much. Ottobre does clothing for real people. Each issue has at least several things I could conceive of making. I haven't made anything but the tee so far though.

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