Sunday, August 31, 2008

Quilt 15 years old and the top is finished...

My Flying Geese Quilt is becoming a reality. it is an old fashioned use up those remnants quilt, and I can see some garment bits in there. I love that. Although the quilt is now 15 years since inception and the first square, the top is finally finished with the piecing and the sashing on the edges. It is a very odd shape. Extremely long and not that wide! It turns out to be 67" wide and 115" long! Backing and batting and tying come next. I hope to make this this winter's project. HHmmm...did I forget to mention the binding? I think I did. I have cotton from my mother's stash (that I inherited) which is the fabric I will use for bias binding. It is the dark version of the sashing fabric. So the sashing and the binding are a reverse effect. The tying and the binding are a long hand done project. I have bound one quilt in the past and found it wasn't so difficult, merely time consuming. And a good excuse to sit and watch the telly on those colder winter nights.

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