Monday, June 8, 2009

PR Weekend Montreal 2010...

SO this event is in the planning stages. I merely report it because I am fairly close and just might go. Sounds like such fun! Read all about it here at the blog! Also here on if you can. Some content is blocked unless you register, so REGISTER! Uh....I mean that in a good way! There will be activities, fabric shopping, and fabric shopping, and maybe a pajama party and - OH - did I mention fabric shopping? So it does really sounds like a lot of fun!


Sherril said...

Another one I'm going to have to miss. I'm so sad. Especially since some of my favorite people will probably be there.

Rhoto said...

Dear Sherril, I'll be very non-humble and HOPE ya included me in your "some of my favourite people will probably be there"... I SURE would think of you if things were reversed!!

Dear "catspec", I don't think of Montreal as the "fabric shopping" capitol of North America, but we have SOOOO much to offer that's different to do/see here!!
SURE hope to be able to greet you with a soft hug 365 days from now!!
PR rocks!!
Soft hug,
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

catspec said...

I hope to make it up for the weekend...gotta get going on a passport! Had one, let it lapse. -=:(