Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Finished skirt and lazy Summer me...

Finally - a finished skirt. Fabulous rayon fabric from Threadneedles and Lutterloh 2005-14, as previously pictures here. All I had left was the hem after several weeks of non-finishing, so I whipped that up the other night, and here we are. It is a very comfortable skirt and has a nice flare down from the hip which provides a better fit in the waist and hip, rather than the sort of pattern which is really one large rectangle. I will make another of these. Meanwhile there are two shirts waiting in the fabric for release, a couple of pairs of pants and a skirt in progress that my daughter is making. Lots of plans, although Summer has come, and that makes me a bit lazy! Somehow I just want to sit on the deck and read. ;) On the pants front, there there is really good news! The pattern drafted to my measurements from the XL Lutterloh pattern fits. I did a muslin, and the thing is fine except for a bit of length in the CR seam. That is such good news! Sonja at Lutterloh NZ drafted this for me and was kind enough to send it to me snail-mail along with a flyer for the vest with blue ruler attachment to copy and attach. Meanwhile, I bought the XL-XXL set. I will see how a few other things fit, although the tops will be too large. A basic TNT pants pattern in Lutterloh drafting will be such a wonderful thing to have! I have two lengths of Weaver Cloth (thank you PR members for letting me know about this at Joann's) ready to go for these Summer pants!

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