Sunday, November 3, 2013

Strip Quilt Revisited...

Now I call it the ZigZag Quilt 2013, and it is ready to quilt! I pinned it in the past week and then had to keep the quilting plan on the back burner of the brain while I figure out what exactly I am going to do on this, and now I think I have the plan. I am going to do some straight line quilting first, and then see how that plan evolves and do some free motion as well. This quilt goes to my youngest son, who is quite happy about it and didn't expect it to come along quite as fast as it did. I am not the fastest quilter on the planet for sure! I did notice that after I was done, and had the quilt top out on the table the emphasis I had planned was reversed. You really see yellow pyramids...the yellow reaches out and whaps you one, and the darks take a back seat. Interesting. Good to know for the future. Not that theoretically I didn't know this fact about color, but in person it really does demonstrate the theory empirically. The yellow really dominates the lights too - you cannot see the pinks too well in the photo, but in the room when you look at the quilt you do see a lot of the pink looking at you. That is why I love scrap quilts - the color and pattern play is never something you can predict, and you always get new sensory input from looking at the fabric patterns and colors in combination melding (one hopes) with the pattern of the piecing itself. The plan now is to quilt this and then bind it and then get on to binging my mother's quilt that is all finished except for the binding. But that's another post!

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