Monday, October 21, 2013

Lutterloh Pants And Spas for Machines...

Another stab at Lutterloh pants coming up. Even though I did say that's the last garment sewing for awhile - after my skirt last post, well, the gals on PR have been making Lutterloh pants, so I thought I would give that another whirl. I will draft the pants here in #81, 2010. But I am going to make the pants more full, and regular length - my crazy idea is to use the upper part for fitting, make a muslin pair of shorts, and then use the final product for a couple pair of palazzo pants to wear around the house. I have some rayon that is drapy and great for that use, as I was going to make skirts out of those lengths of rayon blend.

Meanwhile, on the sewing machine front, I took my Elna TOP 300 into Smitty's Sewing the other day, and He fixed the dial so it works perfectly to select stitches now, and he fixed the clutch so it will wind bobbins, and looked it over and cleaned whatever there was, timed it, and all is smoothly working now. It is a nice machine with a nice little stitch package. Something about rehabing these foundling machines is a good feeling, but now I want to make sure any machine I re-home has a good home. Right now the Pfaff 307 is in for a spa treatment itself, as it sews nicely, and I love it, but it has a not-so-great hot electrical smell coming from the innards. So we'll see what resolution we get on that problem.

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