Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Butterick 6777...Cotton Half Slip and More...

Beginning to really need a half slip. Want cotton. So I am using the white broadcloth I bought a bolt of a couple years ago for muslins! It is a nice soft fabric after washing, and is working out well. I find you cannot find patterns for these items easily now days, especially ones for woven fabrics. There are a few in print though. I shopped and found one out of print that has it all and is not too complex. But if you want to shop around, Colette Patterns has the cutest two patterns, and there are more from other companies. So far I cut out and assembled the plain half slip, made it a bit more A-Line, skipped the slit in the side seaming, and have cut out a pettipant version of the tap pants. It will be sort of a half slip in pants. Anyone remember pettipants? It is my plan to finish off the seams, and use a small elastic casing waist.  And then I want to use several deco stitches to embellish the hems. I hope they look pretty.  I did purchase the KWIK SEW Lingerie book for the sewing sequence, and the finishing details. I am so glad I did - what an excellent instruction book even if you do not use the patterns! If you purchase this be sure to buy new so you get the included master patterns. Many used copies will be bereft of the patterns.  I did purchase my copy from AMAZON because it turns out to be less even though the book is more. At the KWIK SEW site the postage is high. But the pattern I am using is the Butterick pictured here.

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