Wednesday, June 14, 2017

32 Piece Foot Set for Low Shank Machines Part 2

Tried all on the Brother SE400.  They fit excellently. Better than on the Audrey and I don't know why. The Brother is a solid and really well made machine and it's almost like these feet were made for it.  A few, as in the case of the Audrey, are too narrow, but the placement is centered and the needle clears the needle area fine. As in all stitching situations, you MUST be aware of the settings for each task or foot and set the needle position accordingly.
Yes, I rehomed the feet into a smaller plastic box.  This is the Janome-Elna accessories box, out of which my Elna 720 has grown.  The Elna required the larger ArtBin box even than the one I had these feet in originally.  I photocopied the feet sheet and taped a small printout version to the top of this small box. Needless to say, the Audrey feet I brought home fit my Brother so well that my feet did a nice tappity happy dance!!

All in all I am happy with these feet....the next agenda item is trying them on a Janome.


glorm said...

Some of the Audrey feet are too narrow? Audrey (female) would have narrower feet than the Brother (male). At least that's my way of thinking. :)

catspec said..., Audrey's feet are the same - the 7mm width. It's a few of the generics that seem too narrow for either machines feed dogs...but it's something I think one could work with if one of these feet were really crucially needed. Mainly the two narrow rolled hem feet which I will never use at all anyway. There are a couple others that are a smidge narrow on both machines but nothing I couldn't work with. It's that they fit on the shank and fit just as nicely as "native" Brother and babylock feet that makes them so usable. Sometimes generic feet fit only in an odd way and I never use feet like that.

glorm said...

It appears as if I must read your posts more carefully. (understatement). I had made a math error on your recent blog on your quilt and now this reading error. I am not doing well with the "three R's", am I?

Your post did encourage me to start the rounds of foot fitting on my machines. This time I will put the list in a safe place. At the same time I am oiling the machines which I haven't used in awhile.

catspec said...

Ahhh...good idea glorm!! Some routine stuff is necessary and that's a good reminder to me to do it on my mahcines as well. :) That ONE drop of oil and some cleaning with my teenie mini-vac tools!!