Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Shirt Quilt 2017 Finished and in Use...

Here it is!  Not going outside for a picture today - much too cold at 6 above today.  Quilt is in use but this is in the guest room, and this is a double bed.
I love the casual piecing and the corners....:) Binding really pops!  The differing fabric weights and stretchability really made it impossible to have perfect seaming here.
I kept the pockets and the labels in the blocks - Loved the labels - they are a nice touch I think. :) This was a fun quilt in many ways and is already in use.  Quilts should be used.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


SewLibra said...

Your shirt quilt is fantastic! The labels add interest and "history" and the red binding was an excellent choice. Your quilt brightens up your guest room and is so welcoming. Bet you're glad you finally got it done, and now on the next one! Happy New Year!

catspec said...

Thank you so much SewLibra! The next one is percolating in the brain at present and soon will be started. :)