Thursday, March 8, 2018

Snowy Day and Summer Quilt...

Another improv scrappy quilt on the way....sewing rows of blacks together now. Another two rows, then sewing the rows together, then laying out for quilting and pinning. Problem is that my Pfaff is going into the shop and that is what I want to be quilting this on. Preferably free motion quilting.   I did purchase some Wonderfil company prewound bobbins. Lovely pink and the thread is called DecoBob.  60 weight. Lovely stuff.  In Class 15 that fits my machines.

I mean to use these pink bobbins in the quilting with my pink thread - maybe quilting it with MaxiLock or Signature but have not decided yet.

Meanwhile we got snow! March still means Winter here. Spring has to come later though, so that is the good news!


glorm said...

You ARE busy! Hmmm, you could work on one of those others projects until the Pfaff comes back home, couldn't you? But I know what it's like when you have your heart set on a certain project.

catspec said...

YES! Yes, it is kinda set. But I am going to work on master doll clothes patterns from the patterns I have bought. I just ordered two more doll patterns that have size 22" - you have to find OOP ones now because there are so few.