Friday, July 19, 2019

A New Girl, and Some Summery Clothes...

Here are the gals in their Rosie's Doll Patterns tops and sarong. The pants are from another pattern, although quite like the Rosie's shorts.  I do not care for the look of the halter top on a soft body doll, but on the My Life Dolls , which have vinyl upper torsos, the halter and crop tops look good! :)  The first halter top took me three hours. I made silly errors like sewing right side to wrong, which even after 50+ years of sewing I still do occasionally. However the second halter top took under half an hour. So easy really.

I have about 8 outfits cut out to sew for them now, and they just got a new addition to the group. This is the My Life as Soccer Captain Hispanic dolly with her new glasses I purchased from Brittany's Doll accessories on AMAZON. LOVE the glasses!!  She does need to get out of those soccer clothes and into something summery though.

She is really cute. Love the hairdo. :)  She was a really good price on the AMAZON Warehouse. Usually things there have damaged original packaging but are in fine shape. She is the second doll I have bought there and it has worked out so very well! I have named my soccer girl Pilar, and she and her gals will be dressing in some rather more fancy outfits in the near future. :) 


glorm said...

Dolls need summery clothes just as we do. Looking forward to what fancier outfits they will be wearing.

catspec said...

Thanks glorm!!! Ahhh....well, I have to master the basics of these little pieces of clothing before i can amaze and entertain with lovely outfits, but I aspire to that! :)