Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pointy Kitties...the long road to finishing...

Pointy Kitty is a free pattern which has fascinated me for awhile since I downloaded it. As I have not the talent for assessing the finished product from a pattern, I hadn't realized how small, and for lack of a better word, delicate, the Point Kitty is! I cut two out of this cute fabric I got at Home Sew, and then I let it lay around the sewing cubbie awhile of course. By awhile I mean a few months. That's my pattern with projects, as a rule. When I began to sew them together I realized how tiny the pieces were. If I do this again I am going to enlarge the pattern on the copier and go for a larger Kitty! :) Originally they were bound for the children, but my daughter, collaborator on the project, and I decided to keep these due to the delicate nature of our little Pointy Kitties...heh.After much searching, we located eyes for the Kitties at our local independent fabric shop. She has an amazing array of lovely buttons, and she actually had three eyeball-like styles. Now the kitties looked like something! A heart button for each nose, and the eyeballs sewn on and somehow I felt more like sewing them together, disembodied as they are.The finished product will be seen here in the next installment of Pointy Kitty - Life at Last.

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