Monday, April 21, 2008

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PR has a myriad of reviews of sewing machines, notions, patterns (of course), web sites, web merchants and brick and mortar stores, as well as forums, sewing tutorials and online classes. The site has brought a lot of fun into sewing for a lot of us. Since joining, I have written a number of reviews there myself, including numerous sewing machine reviews. I find I just love sewing machines. I have a weakness for any of them that you can define as real sewing machines. Old, new, mechanical or computerized. I don't collect them though.I sold one a few years ago. I loved that machine. It was (and still is) a New Home. One of the heavier, metal, solid machines from the 70s. It is still running in a friend's home. That machine has some really nice stitches. Even my Viking doesn't have one of the stitches I loved on that machine. The stitch looks like a line of stitching on one side with "Vs" climbing vertically up the line of stitching. Bad description I know, but the only one I have!


Secretly~A~Mermaid said...

Hello! I currently own the machine you have pictured the New Home 844. Could you possible tell me how to switch to the second row of stitch patterns ( the blue row)? I do not have a manual for the machine but have a manual to another very similar machine (Necchi 521) that solves most of my problems. Can you help???

catspec said...

The machine is color coded. Turn to the blue area on the dial on the right and you can make the blur patterns! The dial has to have the orange range in place to do the buttonholes, and the green range for the green stitch patterns! HAPPY SEWING! This is a nice machine! :)

catspec said...

BLUE patterns....not blur patterns....sigh...;)