Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cindy Taylor Oates

Updated to add that I did finally finish those pants! I love them. One pair is sage green and one is navy, both weaver's cloth. I am glad the ladies on PR mentioned weaver's cloth because I had been missing kettle cloth, a fabric I loved in the 1970s.

Cindy Taylor Oates - I have a couple of her books, and I keep meaning to make a dress, an apron, and a skirt. Today I Googled and saw her blog. Very pretty and very inspiring! Now, to get all my present projects done and move on to a few more. I think a whole day of cutting out would be the thing to do again in a few weeks. Then the back will recuperate while I sit and sew! Almost done with the sage green Lutterloh pants - they will be plenty roomy. Working on the Lutterloh blouse for Kate, then to sew the Lutterloh top I have had cut out seemingly for years, but it's only months!

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