Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring has Sprung in the Sewing Room...

Covers are complete now, and a fun weekend of sewing it was! A quick trip to Joann Fabrics to snag another yard of double-sided fabric made it all possible. I had two remnants from the bin in the past, and with the new yardage, we covered them all. The blue on on the Kenmore Mini Ultra I made last year. It is so easy to do that when I discovered that I made up my mind to make the rest of my machines covers like that. It does cheer up the room! The link with tiny print and flower print top is on the Pfaff, and the large all floral is the Janome 6300. That is a huge machine and it is very deep as well front to back, especially in the back of the machine where the double thread stand is, so that cover is huge as well. The Pfaff looks trim because of its practically rectangular build. The pretty yellow with red and white floral small print is the Janome 115110, and it looks pretty cute. All you do is hold the fabric up to the machine after you fold the fabric evenly in half. Then you hold it up to the machine and sort of measure how far to fit it around to half the ends and allow for a seam. Sew the sides after cutting, make corners, fit it on and measure for hem, and sew hem. That's it. You could finish the inside seaming with tape and have a reversable cover perhaps. I am going to try that one of these days. I guess this decorating my sewing space is a Spring revolution! Wild sewing women unite! Get some color in there and make it a happy place!

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