Saturday, March 1, 2014

Table Runner Delay and Curtain Project...

Table runner is coming along. Again, the Pfaff is trouble free on the free motion quilting. I am using Isacord thread in a neutral cream color, but it seems to be awfully thin for a bobbin, although you get loads more thread on a bobbin with Isacord! The Pfaff has no trouble with it, although loading a bobbin was interesting, and the thread seems to just slip off at the beginning and it took a few times of firmly holding it to have the bobbin wind properly - a thing that has never happened before on my Pfaff!

But the colors of the fabrics and the ease of the FMQ make this a happy project, and one which I love doing, I had a week of illness and didn't get it done, and I want to finish it this weekend.

Meanwhile, I want to make new curtains for my den/sewing area/office and I picked out a lovely fabric at Joann's on half price last week. It's an HGTV print in yellow, gray and white, with a stylized poppy design.  Picture will come in blog post about said curtains. I had to order Maxi-Lock for my serger in the color I wanted to use with the home dec project, as oddly enough, I didn't have any nice yellow, or any yellow at all for that matter.  I am using 2 yellows, 1 gray and one white for the project in the serger, and yellow for what needs to be done on the machine.  

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